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‘Taking part in this project – it’s the most like me I’ve felt in ages.’ Herizons group member.

‘I get a real buzz out of drama. It focuses your attention and gives you something to work towards… It keeps me out of trouble.’ enJOY participant from Manchester Action on Street Health.

‘My client recently went to a job interview. She said that the the drama group had helped build her confidence and she would not have been able to deal with this in the past.’ Staff member at ACCESS, Oldham.

enJOY people

enJOY arts is a joint venture between Erica Adkins and Naomi Chastin, founded in September 2011, on a key motivating thought: taking part in arts projects is FUN and everyone should have the chance to experience that. For us, the power of the arts lies in their ability to uplift, empower and bring people together. On this principle, enJOY arts was established, aiming to deliver enjoyable and engaging creative projects in a variety of community settings.

We specialise in creating performances with community groups and have a track record of success in engaging those who may be considered ‘hard to reach’. We have a passion for working with women and girls of all ages and marginalised young people in general. Over the past few years we have a developed particular expertise in creative heritage projects and site specific performances in heritage venues, exploring untold histories from a female perspective. We love creating theatre in unexpected places with people who might not normally consider themselves performers!

enJOY arts are in-house creative partners at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Ardwick, Manchester.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what enJOY can do for you or your organisation, then please get in touch.

Erica and Naomi

Erica and Naomi

enJOY arts CIC is a Community Interest Company                                                  Company no: 10114293




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