ReACT Performances

On Sunday 27th November, a group of young people from across Manchester came together to perform their own creative response to the summer’s riots at different train stations across the city. The performance spaces presented a number of challenges for the group – not least acoustically – but their determination to have their voices heard (in every sense) never faltered. We received a warm welcome from station staff at each venue and the group were particularly excited to have a tannoy announcement publicising their performance at Piccadilly, which provided a much needed energy boost on a chilly November afternoon.

A number of people stopped to watch the performances, some of whom had made their way to the stations especially, and their response was overwhelmingly positive. Time and again, audience members stated how impressed they were to see young people taking such positive and creative action in their own communities. The young people themselves were extremely proud of their achievement and really enjoyed working creatively together on this important issue.

Above are some photos of the group throughout the day – video footage to be uploaded soon…

enJOY arts would really like to thank RECLAIM, The High Sheriff’s Police Trust, Northern Rail and Network Rail for making this exciting project possible and everyone else who came to support the performance!

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